Gotham Veterinary Center is a fully equipped, AAHA accredited veterinary facility, providing comprehensive canine and feline care in our sunlit and welcoming hospital.

If you have questions about any of our range of services, please call us or send us an inquiry.

Our Medical Services include:

Preventive Care & Vaccines
Comprehensive history and physical exam, screening laboratory testing, nutritional counseling, puppy and kitten exams and education, senior wellness exams for early detection of disease.

Emergency Care
Medical and surgical emergency treatment is available during our office hours. After hours we collaborate with local, 24-hour emergency veterinary hospitals.

Full Pharmacy
Offering the highest quality prescription medications, supplements, shampoos and other treatments, in addition to heartworm and flea-and-tick preventative products. We also work with a local compounding pharmacy to provide custom medication for your pet.

Acute & Chronic Medical Care
Cardiac/respiratory disease, gastroenterology, endocrine disease (diabetes, thyroid and adrenal disease), renal and lower urinary tract diseases, musculoskeletal disease (soft tissue injuries, fractures, osteoarthritis), neurologic disease, infectious disease, eye and ear diseases and oncology services by board certified internist and oncologist, Dr. Maria Camps.

Hospitalization & Overnight Care
Isolation ward for infectious diseases, compassionate 24-hour patient care, state-of-the-art monitoring, supplemental oxygen and large size dog runs. Owners are encouraged to schedule visits with their hospitalized pets during their stay with us.