Pet ID Awareness Week

Posted by on Apr 17, 2018 in Blog, Services


To ensure your pets’ safety, we are offering $10 off all HomeAgain microchipping services through April 28!


While no one ever wants to lose their pet,  unfortunate circumstances can always happen. Open windows, apartment fires, or loose collars can lead to a lost and scared pet. Below are the most effective identification methods for cats and dogs.



Microchips are one of the most effective methods of identifying a lost pet. This tiny electronic device (no bigger than a grain of rice) is injected under your pet’s skin between the shoulderblades. Then, when a shelter, veterinarian, or animal-control officer waves a scanner over the area, they’re able to find your pet’s unique identification number. When they compare the number with a database, the pet’s owner can be contacted.


Additionally, you must update your pet’s microchip information annually. If you move, or your phone number changes, contact the microchip company as soon as possible.  


Pet ID Tag

Although microchips are very important, your pet also needs a regular identification tag with your contact information on his collar. If your pet goes missing and is found without an ID tag, it can take several days for the rescuer to check the animal for a microchip. Play it safe and at least have a phone number on your pet’s tag so you can be contacted immediately if your best friend goes missing.


Tags can be purchased and engraved at most major pet stores, or you can get creative with and purchase fun designs on Etsy. Just be sure that your contact information is clear and readable.


NYC License

The New York City health department requires all dogs to be licensed. Licensing costs as little as $8.50 per year and allows your pup to run off-leash in NYC dog runs. Because the license has a unique number, it can can help you be reunited with your lost dog if he doesn’t have any other identification.

Through Saturday, April 28, all HomeAgain microchipping services are $10 off!