Dr. Patricia A. Wagner completed a Bachelors’ and Masters’ degree at Cornell University and her veterinary degree through Ross University and Louisiana State University. While working extensively in emergency medicine practices she saw an array of traumatic injuries and surgeries. Utilizing local blocks and continuous rate infusion pain medicine (rare at that time), Dr. Wagner found that her patients recovered with significantly reduced stress and returned home sooner. Managing patient’s pain became Dr. Wagner’s passion and led her to pursue certification in Veterinary Acupuncture from One Health Scientific Integrative Medicine in Colorado and certification as a Veterinary Pain Practitioner (CVPP) awarded by the International Veterinary Academy of Pain Management.

Dr. Wagner is currently the only certified specialist in pain management in the Tri State area. A CVPP treats all types of pain including surgical pain, chronic pain such as osteoarthritis, pain from systemic disease and cancer to name only a few.

When Dr. Wagner is not performing acupuncture and alleviating pain she enjoys riding horses, running, cycling, or finding any excuse to be outdoors.