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    “Gotham is the veterinary practice I always dreamed of creating,” says Bonnie Brown, VMD, Veterinarian and Founder of the Upper West Side’s Gotham Veterinary Center.

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    “From the moment clients walk in the door I want them to know they are in good hands. Our philosophy is to treat a client’s dog or cat as though it were our own.”

Welcome to Gotham Veterinary Center

Founded in 2009 by Dr. Bonnie Brown, Gotham Veterinary Center is a fully accredited AAHA Veterinary Hospital. We are an open hospital that encourages owners to schedule visits with their hospitalized pets at any time. We have 24 hours a day, 7 days a week patient care.

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What is Periodontal Disease?

What is Periodontal Disease?

By now, you already know how important it is to maintain healthy teeth for your pets. There are many risks of neglecting to do so: bad breath, pain, tooth loss, etc. Perhaps the most serious risk is periodontal disease. But what is it, exactly? What is periodontal disease? Periodontal disease is no different in pets ...

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Why Anesthesia?

Why Anesthesia?

When people go to the dentist for a checkup, we usually don’t need anesthesia. So why do our pets? Our vets explain why pets need to be anesthetized for routine cleanings. The vet will start with a consultation when your pet is awake to get a general idea of your pet’s dental condition.  Most of ...

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Dental Risks

Dental Risks

Our veterinarians are often asked, “Why do I need to get my pet’s teeth professionally cleaned? Aren’t dental chews and water additives enough?” While the methods we listed in our last blog post are effective in maintaining teeth in between professional cleanings, here you can learn a bit more about what can happen if your ...

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Don't just take our word for it, read what some of our customers have to say about Gotham Veterinary Center.

  • Avery Hudson & Max

    We appreciate Dr. Carbonell’s attentive, expert, compassionate and level-headed medical care. Max always perks up as soon as we turn the corner onto Columbus Avenue, and pulls eagerly to go in. Once inside, he’s happy as a clam and always in a great mood for the walk home. In the three years we’ve been going to Gotham, I’ve never seen an unhappy animal in the waiting room. Fortunately we haven’t had a real crisis, but if we ever do we’re lucky to have Gotham.

    Avery Hudson & Max
  • -Celina Dutertre & Teddy

    Dr. Thomas was super sweet and gentle to my 10 week old puppy. She made Teddy and I super comfortable and at ease. She explained in detail and answered all my questions. Teddy will definitely be coming back to her!

    -Celina Dutertre & Teddy
  • -Scott Malden & Roxy

    “As a new pet owner, finding a good vet is very important part of the process. I’ve found that at Gotham Veterinary and Dr. Davis.  Dr. Davis always has a friendly, positive demeanor when we come to visit. Roxy actually enjoys her trips to the vet’s office.  The thing I appreciate the most about working with Dr. Davis is her genuine concern for Roxy.  Over the past year, Roxy hass experienced several different issues.  It doesn’t matter what day or time, if I send Dr. Davis and email asking for assistance, she always quick to respond.  Roxy and I continue to look forward to working with her!”

    -Scott Malden & Roxy
  • – Mardi & Benny

    “We have a 70 pound bull terrier, Benny, whose crippling arthritis was no longer responding to pain relievers and anti-inflammatories. When Dr. Brown and Canine Rehab of New York suggested Platelet-Rich Plasma injections, I admit I was a little dubious. But the treatment has given Benny a new life. His range of motion has improved dramatically and he can now go up and down stairs by himself. He’s even eager to walk, something that his pain prevented him from enjoying for so long. We are grateful that Dr. Brown suggested the PRP treatment and for the wonderful and competent staff who took such good care of him.”

    – Mardi & Benny
  • – Laura Lavelle & Igor

    My friends and neighbors, also long-term clients of Gotham, referred me 15 years ago. Dr. Carbonell and the excellent staff have seen my beloved cats through all the stages of their life. And Gotham was there to see Emma gently out of this world when she was overtaken by cancer. I can’t put into words how much all their consideration and kindness to us has meant. My fearful, cranky Igor gets a lot of wonderful care and understanding. And whenever it’s time to see him out of this world, I know Gotham will be there for us — with great love.

    – Laura Lavelle & Igor
  • – Stacy Ostrow & Gina

    “Dr. Bonnie Brown founded and leads an exceptional veterinary practice. She is a caring and compassionate professional who instills these qualities in her veterinarians and staff. Whether it’s routine or emergency care, Dr. Brown’s approach is thoughtful and comprehensive taking into account the best interests of both the pet and owner. Her outstanding diagnostic skills and treatment approach reflects a depth of experience that incorporates the most current and effective methods of care.”

    – Stacy Ostrow & Gina

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